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[R*] Applications RPG / Re: [R*] Application - Jinn
« Last post by Djinn on August 28, 2021, 02:56:54 am »
Since Summer Recruitment is coming to an end, I would like to add a couple of things and update what has been going on during the past couple of weeks.

- My activity has increased during this week.
I'm quite time-limited so I'm very proud to have been able to fit activity in, I intend to keep it that way or the closest way to it possible.

- I've had the opportunity to role-play with different players. Not only players who have the same views and likings as me.
My drive to keep roleplaying is pretty high right now and I have a couple of ideas stacked up, and a list of a few players I want to interact with in the near future.

- Foreigners and Shafted Engines had somewhat of an "expansion" during this week. We have ICly made a few new friends who share the same taste in what the group and business are based on, therefore after a couple role-plays and interactions, they have become a part of us.
We were also mentioned on Mr. Charles Kolta Manifesto and we're happy to be supporters and partners of the campaign.

- I got out of my comfort zone and participated in different role-plays under the political subject.
Even though some situations didn't have the best outcome it was very nice to see it being dealt with issue-free, it was a very fun time and the team work was top notch.

- It's upsetting that I had to cancel the event I was willing to host today, August 27th, it was going to be a Vehicle Showcase. But honestly, this just makes me want to host more events in the future. I've got so many ideas ranging from product exhibitions to tag team dragsters.

- The past couple of weeks I've been gathering a couple ideas that I've just recently shared under SAMP Ideas on the server's discord. There was around 9 of them and it mentioned the mechanic job, taxi, trucking and some other general ideas.
Even though I've shared these, I'm still thinking about a few more and have already started another list.
The summer recruitment is nearly over...

Be sure to have your applications updated and let us know of the process!
[R*] Applications RPG / Re: [R*] Application - Jinn
« Last post by Djinn on August 14, 2021, 14:12:17 pm »;topicseen#new
I've just recently joined SmartDrive as an Instructor as well, updating the team section.
[R*] Applications RPG / Re: [R*] Application - Arthur Kings
« Last post by Sunwukong on August 13, 2021, 14:28:10 pm »
Thanks guys, appreciate it man :)
[R*] Applications RPG / Re: [R*] Application - Arthur Kings
« Last post by JDC on August 12, 2021, 17:35:23 pm »
Best of luck, mate!
[R*] Applications RPG / Re: [R*] Application - Arthur Kings
« Last post by Sawyer on August 12, 2021, 12:08:17 pm »
Best of luck, good to see you gave it another go.
[R*] Applications RPG / [R*] Application - Arthur Kings
« Last post by Sunwukong on August 12, 2021, 03:21:29 am »
Ingame nickname:
Arthur Kings

On which Argonath servers are you active:
SA:MP mostly but currently waiting for MTA:SA

What is your Argonath Forums profile link:;u=30107

Real age:

General gaming experience (days/months/years):

Argonath gaming experience (days/months/years):
From 2014 till now, approximately 9 years

Have you ever been banned on one of the Argonath servers:
Yes, in SA:MP years ago for script abusing back in 2017

Rate your RPG skills:

Rate your team skills:

Why do you want to join the [R*]clan:
Rockstar has always been a clan I wanted to join since the start of my Argonath days but I felt that I wasn?t ready for the clan in the past hence I didn?t applied till a few years back. As Rockstars Clan consist of many players which are known for their role playing skills and friendliness. Among all the other official clans in Argonath I personally feel that Rockstar is a clan which is respected by the members of Argonath, lastly I would wish to be part of this amazing clan one day and hopefully be able to give back to the Argonath community in the name of Rstar

With slight delay, the summer recruitment is here.

Feel free to update your applications, use instructions correctly and perhaps this wave is your wave!

Best of luck to all applicants!
[R*] Applications RPG / Re: [R*] Application - Jinn
« Last post by Djinn on August 08, 2021, 20:39:59 pm »
Thank you Sawyer! I look forward to catching you up in-game and having a nice roleplay situation going! Quick side note, I've just updated and added a couple things that I think are important to the Team Skills section. I like to go thru my application sometimes and see what I can add/update, because thinking outside of the on-going situation makes me remember some good points that I can miss when writing something, so some of these will most likely be popping up here and there.
[R*] Applications RPG / Re: [R*] Application - Jinn
« Last post by Sawyer on August 08, 2021, 15:58:16 pm »
Hello Jinn, your application has been noted.

Look for clan members to interact with so they can form a solid opinion about you; it'll increase your chances to be accepted to the castle.
Best of luck, I'll also be more active myself lately, looking forward to get to know you!
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