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Hi all,

If you are reading this and are interested in applying for R*, please know that this is a clan playing different games, we're of different ages and of different backgrounds. Your application is voted on by all of us.

Just to help you out I would like to highlight: your applications are awful.

Being active ingame is not enough any more because we are a slow burning clan. We don't all play on the same servers. We don't know you all from ingame, and it's impossible to keep tabs on all of you. Out of hundreds of players, who is watching you?

Here are a few things that might let you stand out, and are certainly things I would be looking for in your applications:

  • Think of it like a job interview. Asked a question? You answer, give example of how you demonstrated it, what impact it had, and what you learned from it
  • Like a job, if you are well known amongst the workers/ members, they are likely to want you to join them. You can ask members for tips and help in applying. (Free advice - IRL if you have a job interview, go there before and talk to people. Make yourself known).
  • 9/10 RP? what kind of scale is that for RP? About the least imaginative, nonsense answer I thing I can think of considering for me, roleplay is about creativity. How do you even measure that? Give us examples. Did you do something memorable? Did you impact others?
  • What good did you bring to the community?
  • What you think about RP on Argonath? Have any strong views on how you and others should RP?
  • Like any job, no one wants you because you like the company. No one wants you because you think R* is awesome. We know we are awesome, or we wouldn't have applicants. You need to show your value - what do you bring that others don't?
  • Lead any groups? Events?
  • Pictures of activities ingame are welcome. Highlights of your RP?

I'm sure there are more things you can do. We are happy that players want to be involved, but your shit-tier 30 second applications aren't going to convince anyone to vote for you unless you really stand out to a good amount of our current members ingame.



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