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Revival of R* Clan - DM Zone


Parallel Universe - ParUni(10/11/2020)

After quite a few years, it was finally decided that Parallel Universe should be back on track and properly ran by the clan's own management. The development of the whole community is in progress and day by day we are gladly announcing the official rebirth of the equally old community ParUni.

Parallel Universe has been known for having many active fronts and platforms with different games and we're slowly but surely trying to bring our very own DM zone as well as ParUni as a whole back running.

DM Zone Recruitment will also take place once the servers and forums are online and stable to ensure the legitimacy of the entire process. Past but still active applications will have a fair amount of time to express their interest as we patiently wait for the community to be brought back officially.

Stay tuned..

DM servers are up and running hence the DM zone is looking for possible additions to the clan. (including Rust, CS:GO and SA:MP DM)
Please note that DM membership DOES NOT grant RP membership rights unless permission is granted.

Parallel Universe Forums - www.paruni.com
Parallel Universe Discord - https://discord.com/invite/NerYGVJJvq
(All server IPs can be found by the links above)


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