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A change for the future
« on: March 04, 2007, 12:27:00 pm »
The past weeks there have been some discussions regarding the future of the clan. This was never about the existence, as our clan is very much alive and we are roud of al our members.
What we have been discussing was the name and tags of the clan. Since the name change from Mightiest Swedes to MTA Stars that was decided by Tekken , we have started a new project with our server for SA-MP. And the name combination of MTA Stars and SA-MP is strange.
Also since Tekken opened the Mightiest Swedes clan at AB, they have been recuiting members that we do not want to be associated with.
When people wil meet members of the Mightiest Swedes, they might be under the impression that MTA Stars are the same kind of clan and people.

After a poll by our Co-Leader RON it was clear that a majority of our members supported the idea of leaving the past behind us, and make the clan ready for the future. This has resulted in a name and tag change.

From today on we will change our tags to [R*] / [Rstar] and use them in all games.

We have changed the website, and also reserved the domain www.rockstarsclan.c om which aready leads to this site.


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Re: A change for the future
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2007, 13:21:21 pm »
Yeah!..  :)

While AB imposters were accepting some members, I was not care... I only did not like that imposters from AB MS have a leader player, who already showed himself to all MTA servers as cheater/flamer and flooder, for whom there is no any moral Law...

But when I saw they started accepting all cheaters (=MS=Seifer = crashbots, hacked MTA client, cheats; =MS=Ranger - crashbot, hacked MTA client, cheats; =MS=Squall - crashbot, hacked MTA client, cheats), and AB MS started delivering the crashbot to every player they recruited against Argonath server, it is clear - in their war against us they overtook against all laws and policy of MTA Team as well and all players, whom they were crashing  on MTA servers...

I do not like that with our high standart level we'll start make a name for them... They do not deserve it...

I would like to make them happy to sit with the tags of the legendary clan... But it will not make them legendary as well...
And our journey is still continuing... Back to the best...


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