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How to join [Rock Stars]
« on: August 25, 2009, 11:17:18 am »
FAQ for application forms and procedure:

DM division is open just for CS section for now.

1. How applications are getting accepted or denied?

The clan has meeting once in a 1-2 months, specially related to the applications... The announcement comes 1 week before meeting, so that all clan members can check applications, and if they do not know some guys, they have a time to watch this players in game and on forums...

During meeting the clan members are voting for each application...

Accepted = player got maximum votes
Denied = player did not get votes, clan members should explain their position in this case... If clan members can not explain the reason of "No", application is moved to the next round
Moved to the next round = 1. Player has too much "No" votes even if he got more "Yes" 2. Clan members are not ready to say straight "Yes" or "No" 3. New player's application

2. Can I post a new application, if mine previous was moved to "Denied" section?

Yes, you can make a new application if you think you are ready for that... Usually we type the reason of denying, so in this case you should check out what was the reason for tips...

3. Who gets accepted to the clan, what are the parameters of accept?

  • friendship - more friends you will have, more possibilities to be accepted... This is not about "ass-kissing", as clan is made of independent gamers and any attempt to kiss asses can lead to the negative position of clan members...
  • friendly roleplay - be friendly to other players on server - this is another key to the clan... Players, who have a lot of troubles with other players, hardly will get accepted... Try to avoid aggressive roleplay or competitions in gaming like "lets see who sucks and who owns", even thou its usual in video games... Does not matter which division you wanna join - CounterStrike shooter or GTA roleplay
  • active eventing - try to take active part in servers events: organizing or participating... This will also give you positive reaction from clan... It can be a CW event or taking part in projects of Parallel Universe DM: site developing (image designs for example), radio option, movie community, CW groups, hints, tips, guides to new players
  • stability - one of the most important parts... If you start any project and drop it in few days or will change your positions in game and opinions too much and to the polar sides - clan members will hardly accept you to clan... Try not to run on a razor side...
  • Activity[/b] - more activity on servers - more chances... Its not about not having a life, but about Clan feature: as the R* clan will take a lot of parts in developing games and scripts

4. Do you accept only admins?

We can accept any player, but can be cases when clan is not sure, how player will react with the new tags... Then clan can take a decision to make a player an admin on server to see if he will handle it... Mostly it is because R* clan is a clan of developers...

5. The application form:

Create a new topic with topic name (ex."Application: your name") and fill the form with answering following questions:

Nick In Game:
Gaming Experience (days/months/years) in what type of games:
On which servers you play: Argonathrpg or Parallel Universe; how long?:
Your english skills (bad/ok/fluent):
DM skills:
Team skills:
Do you use Team speak:
Favorite weapons:
Why you want to join [R*]clan:

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Re: How to join [Rock Stars]
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2010, 13:29:54 pm »
As there are several DM game servers, please post in your applications via which game you apply: Counterstrike or SAMP


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